Progress of my OCs/art over the past 3 years??? HAHA Cooper changed the most HAHAA

Some drawings of Abe n Olivia’s kid Sadie and her horrible babysitter Ashley and one with Apollo tooo (i added captions if u guy want 2 read huehue)


Sam already has like a supervillain suit so here it is : )!


Draw Yourself Meme: An OC of yours in MCU?

I’m guessing MCU is Marvel Cinematic Universe??? So I drew Olivia in a SHIELD uniform : )!


Some drawings I uploaded to my twitter in the past couple of weeks! I’m back at school again and spring break is over, but I’m so ready for summer like GDI!!!! 5 MORE WEEKS!!! i added rly cool captions if u want 2 read HAHAHA

Birthday present I drew for my best friend SIOBHAN!!! It was yesterday and I already showed it to her before : ) I just wanted to do something rly special with this (kindofembarrassingbutidontcare) vampire AU that has become our lifeblood in the past few months

(already so many feelings said already but I wANT 2 SAY MORE BC BEST TOMO!)

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