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UGHGHGH!!! All of your drawings are too amazing ;_ ; I’M IN LOVE LIKE ALWAYS!!! THE SAM N ASHBYYY!!!! :jjj TOO CUTE!!! Your anatomy and color choices are always so A+ AND DAT LIP TUTORIAL IS SO HELPFUL SO NOW I CAN TRY 2 DRAW AS BEAUTIFUL AS U DO!!! UGH that little nugget Reagan is too cute too ;_ ;;;; i lUV SHOPY’S ART EVERYONE LOOK SHE IS SUCH INSPIRE

Hi! :) I just bought the pdf version of you and Ninthrevolver's comic and I loved it sooo much! I was wondering if it's explained somewhere what the prank was and who bit him (what exactly happened that he become a vampire)? Also will we see more comics from you guys in the future? Your styles really compliment each other well btw. Have an awesome day ^^


aaaaahhh!! thank you so, so much for your purchase, and i’m thrilled to know you loved it!! o(-<

the prank! Ashley went on a school camping trip with his track team and Sam, and they talk about a scary cave where a girl (Dahlia) was murdered. After egging him on, Ashley agrees to explore the cave even though Sam asks him not to, and then his rotten track teammates decide to scare him and film it for laughs. His teammates don’t like him because he’s rich and kind of an entitled asshole. During their prank, they unexpectedly scare Ashley over the side of a small cliff, where he cracks his head open on a rock during his fall. Sam didn’t know about the prank, and when the teammates come back to camp without Ashley, he goes to find him. In this time, Ashley gets bit by a vampire in the woods—Dahlia.

and yes, expect more comics from the both of us! we have a couple projects that we’re working on right now, and we can’t wait to share them!! and thank you so much, we tried really hard to make the art book look cohesive even with two different artists, so its such a relief to hear how well our styles compliment each other! ; v; 

The perks of being a monster = Best 10$ spent! Will you and Siobhan make a sequel or more comics in the future? Thanks :)

Thank you so much for liking our book ;v;! It really means a lot to us! 

And yes! We will be making more comics in the future! Please look forward to it, we have a couple of things in the works right now uvu!

Hello! I was wondering if you had anything left over from your table at ax that maybe you were going to sell online? I ran out of cash too fast at the expo and couldn't buy all i wanted to ;;

Hi!!! We do have stuff left, but we’re saving them for next year! But we are selling a digital copy of our artbook online at gumroad and you can check that out here!

Hi I have a question regarding the perks of being a vampire book. How do you receive the payment? Is it like on amazon where you just enter a credit card?

Yes! On gumroad, you just enter your credit card and you will get an email shortly with the ebook in it! : )

The Perks of Being a Monster [ BUY HERE ON GUMROAD ]

Siobhan and Sam’s vampire anthology. The digital PDF is $10, full color, and includes two comics and selected illustrations from both ninthrevolver and siobhanchiffon.

Due to limited stock of our printed comic, we’re putting out a digital PDF version of The Perks of Being a Monster through Gumroad. If you would like to buy one of our two remaining $25 (shipping incl.) hard copies, please email us at ninth.revolver (at)