More fake instagrams from Ashley’s account, showcasing his innate talent at being a terrible best friend!

siobhan’s art is so amazing ;_ ; look at all of her instagrams!!! I LOVE ALL OF THEsE SO MUCH!! SUCH GOOD FACES!!!

I made some Ashley’s Delivery Service AU pixels of all the cuties!


tumblr famous user siobhanchiffon loves the tinkerbell movie series bc she childe

What kind of bender would abe be, or would he be a non-bender?

Abe is a waterbender in this AU! Like his twin sister Dahlia. 

As for everyone else, Sam and Cooper are earthbenders (metalbenders), Kasey and Olivia (she’s the avatar) are airbenders, Alex is a firebender, and Reagan is a waterbender.


Last week’s twitter sketches (and charms i made for ninthrevolver a month ago)!

All of your things have been so amazing ;_____ ;!!!! (ALL OF YOUR DRAWINGS HAVE BEEN ALWAYS AMAZING, BUT RECENTLY DAM A+++++  ) I think you’ve really stepped up your game with coloring, anatomy, EVERYTHING!!! Your faces are always ace ;~ ;!!! I’M IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE OF THESE AND UR CHARMS ARE DANGLING HAPPILY ON MY 3DS ;~~~;;;; Everyone checkk out best tomo’s amazing arT THANK U SO MUCH FOR BEING SO AMAZING AAGH I CAN;TTT


updated commissions post!!!!!!!!!!!!

please commission me!! it makes all of our lives easier

theres also lil pixels!! $5 each character!!

i just wont draw any nsfw or intense gore stuff sorry!! ill draw p much anything else though!! if you dont have paypal its completely fine dude we can work it out.

please commission me HAHAHA

Help my friend Sam out! 😊💖 She needs money for textbooks, they are so ridiculously and unnecessarily expensive.