What kind of bender would abe be, or would he be a non-bender?

Abe is a waterbender in this AU! Like his twin sister Dahlia. 

As for everyone else, Sam and Cooper are earthbenders (metalbenders), Kasey and Olivia (she’s the avatar) are airbenders, Alex is a firebender, and Reagan is a waterbender.


Last week’s twitter sketches (and charms i made for ninthrevolver a month ago)!

All of your things have been so amazing ;_____ ;!!!! (ALL OF YOUR DRAWINGS HAVE BEEN ALWAYS AMAZING, BUT RECENTLY DAM A+++++  ) I think you’ve really stepped up your game with coloring, anatomy, EVERYTHING!!! Your faces are always ace ;~ ;!!! I’M IN LOVE WITH EVERYONE OF THESE AND UR CHARMS ARE DANGLING HAPPILY ON MY 3DS ;~~~;;;; Everyone checkk out best tomo’s amazing arT THANK U SO MUCH FOR BEING SO AMAZING AAGH I CAN;TTT


updated commissions post!!!!!!!!!!!!

please commission me!! it makes all of our lives easier

theres also lil pixels!! $5 each character!!

i just wont draw any nsfw or intense gore stuff sorry!! ill draw p much anything else though!! if you dont have paypal its completely fine dude we can work it out.

please commission me HAHAHA

Help my friend Sam out! 😊💖 She needs money for textbooks, they are so ridiculously and unnecessarily expensive.


The Perks of Being a Monster [ BUY HERE ON GUMROAD ]

Siobhan and Sam’s vampire anthology. The digital PDF is $10, full color, and includes two comics and selected illustrations from both ninthrevolver and siobhanchiffon.

Hi everyone! We have added our book to [ Sellfy ] because Gumroad doesn’t take Paypal for those who want that payment option!

We also have one physical copy left for anyone who wants to buy it from us for $25 (shipping incl.)! Shoot us an email at ninth.revolver (at) yahoo.com. :-)

No one asked what gets Sam off, but I drew it anyway. HERE IS A COMPILATION OF SHAMEFUL DRAWINGS I DID BASICALLY…

No one asked what gets Sam off, but I drew it anyway. HERE IS A COMPILATION OF SHAMEFUL DRAWINGS I DID BASICALLY…

Ashley: what gets you off other than Sam?

ashley u lil shit

Ash, what is your dream first miss scenario with Sam? Sam, same question!!

(I’m gonna assume you meant to type kiss? If you really did mean miss, then I don’t really understand the question SORRY! ;~ ;!)