Sam and ash numba 1


1) Kiss on the forehead


Ashley likes sleeping at Sam’s because he has a smaller bed than his so they get to sleep closer together. ;w;

Sam is a big nerd as u can see


a bunch of ashley sketches from this week!

AAAAA EVEN WHEN BEST TOMER SAYS SHES IN A SLUMP SHES STILL AMAZINg???? Look at all of these amazing Ashley’s like WHAT THE HECKIE!!!! What good faces and anatomy on all of them ;-; I love your color choices always YA SO AMAZING!!!!!


I got this ask for my blog, but both me and siobhanchiffon did artwork for this question!! *V* Here are the names and faces of the cuties!!


U me at 4:55 tbh

Me rn at 5:08 not quite 6 yet

Hi, I remembered that you mentioned how Neymar was a face reference for Abe but now I'm just wondering if you're willing to share any other refs you have for your ocs? Like if Sen Mitsuji is Ashley's face ref? They're all so well made in terms of appearance and personality. Thank you for your time. I hope you have a nice day ouo)/

Yes! Sen is the face ref for Ashley. Thank you so much for liking our characters ;v; We like them a lot to so it’s cool to see other people liking them too. We also use Lisa Haydon for Dahlia, Charlie Hunnam for Cooper, Barbara Palvin for  Olivia, Park Sung Jin for Kasey, and I think that’s it, but thanks again so much ;v;! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GOOD DAY TOO!!! 

> Crew of Cuties blog!

siobhanchiffon and I made a blog compiling all of our art and stuff for the crew of cuties!! We will be adding our (NEVER BEFORE SEEN) writing of them there too, follow for more content!

Do Ashley and Sam have innie or outie belly buttons? :3



don’t be jelly ashle just touch dat white boy’s body